Liam Neeson’s Week of Rage is Every Person of Colour’s Truth

“Liam Neeson’s admission is neither a new awakening nor is it a celebration of how brave and courageous he is. This a real and dangerous reminder of what people of colour’s truth is.” Read my latest Brown Girl Magazine feature on how Liam Neeson has confirmed our everyday reality.

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Brexit for the Brown Girl – BBC Radio London

In conversation with BBC Radio London’s Shyama Perera, discussing Brexit’s impact on South Asians. Listen to the full interview here   

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Brexit for the Brown Girl – Sh** Just Got Real!

“….Racism never died, it needed the fuel to leverage its existence and was accelerated by the exploitation of this political tug of war within the nation.…” Just when you thought you had read enough on Brexit, think again. Check out my Brown Girl Magazine Feature here: Brexit for the Brown Girl – Sh** Just Got […]

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